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Breathable Wool Quilt Covers

Our classic wool quilt covers retain all the qualities of a luxurious, and all-natural comfort and warmth.

Golden International Pvt. Ltd. is not just a brand that delivers high-quality quilt covers but, we also proffer splendour and luxury in each detail and nuances of the quilts. Chenille Quits, Cotton Quilt Covers and cotton quilts also available. 

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Product Specifications

  1. The wool quilt covers online are available in diverse stunning designs, patterns, and prints. We bring out new and updated designs every day. We keep track of the fashion trends, changing customer taste, preferences, market demands, to bring out the latest creations to the people.
  2. We provide solid wollen quilt covers online in many colors. From beige, pink, blue, melon, ivory, white, aqua, jade, emerald to any other color that comes to your mind, we provide that in our solid quilt covers.
  3. We have single bed quilt covers in size measurement of 60 x 90cm
    And double bed quilt covers in size measurement of ( need to confirm).
  4. The double and single quilt covers have synchronized fiber filling.
  5. These are reversible and can be used from both sides- front and back.

Specialties of our Wool quilt covers

  1. Breathable: The quilt covers are made with the finest quality 100% pure wool. It allows the natural flow of air throughout. These are lightweight, sustainable, and biodegradable in nature.
  2. Hypoallergenic: The wool quilt covers online provided by us are preventive of microbiological formations like dust mites, bed bugs, bacterias, and harmful allergic pollens. These are made to wick moisture and humidity far away. Thus, our quilt covers are an ideal option for asthmatics and allergy victims.
  3. Best-Quality: We extend high-quality quilt covers that are made as per the international quality norms and standards. These are fabricated using the finest quality wool and crafted by skilled artisans.
  4. Wool fiber: Wool is nature’s remarkable natural fiber, therefore we provide quilt covers that are made from wool. They are not only super smooth and comfortable to drape but also protects the skin from any harm.


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100% Pure Cotton

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  1. Secure payment options.
  2. Easy return and exchange policies.
  3. Meeting international quality standards.
  4. Exporting products to 80 plus countries.
  5. Contactless product delivery.
  6. High-quality products provided at the most competitive prices.
  7. 70+ years of industry expertise.
  8. North India’s largest home textiles manufacturer.
  9. We produce eight different styles of home furnishing items. CarpetsBlankets, accessories, UpholsteryCurtainsTowelsBedsheets, wallpapers, and other things are among the items on our list. These product groups are further subdivided into over 80 different product styles.

Delivering excellence always!

Renowned organization: We are India’s leading home furnishing manufacturer with a yearly turnover of Rs 7 cr. Despite being a successful company in bedsheet production, we still work hard, day and night since 1950, when our company started.

Wide Product Range: We manufacture 8 types of home furnishing items. Our list includes carpets, blankets, accessories, upholstery, curtains, towels, bedsheets, wallpapers & other items. And these product categories are further classified into more than 80 product types. 

Strong foothold: We manufacture and supply our home textiles in more than 50 countries, across 5 continents. Our manufacturing space  covers 14 locations across North India with an area of over 20,00,000 sq. feet.

Strict Quality Control: We follow an effective quality control system. Each piece of our bed sheets passes through strict quality control.

Our quality inspectors ensure that each product conforms to the international quality standards. Starting from the production point and ending to the delivery, we do everything in a well-controlled way.


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