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Sound sleep ensured with super-soft Pillow

Having the right pillow is very essential to ensure sound sleep. Rather, this is one of the most important things that can either make or break a good night’s sleep.

For sound physical and mental health, it is highly important to have a good quality fiber pillow. Golden International Pvt. Ltd. offers you an exclusive range of pillows that are super-soft, fluffy, and have the highest quality filling material in them. and more items also available like pillow covers, cotton top sheets, duvet sets and duvet covers.

Golden sleeping memory foam Pillow is made using advanced technology; these are specialized to ensure constant airflow throughout the pillow fabric and are made to ensure a correct body posture. These are fluffy and super comfortable to lean on.

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Special Features

  1. Soft: We provide the best quality fiber pillows which are super soft and made to give the softest feel and comfort.
  2. Hypoallergenic: The memory form pillows have hypoallergenic qualities. These are good for preventing microbiological formations like bacterias, dust mites, bed bugs, and dust allergens. Thus, these act as a health shield or an antimicrobial agent, enabling a healthy night’s sleep.
  3. Breathability: The high-quality fabrics and the best filling material, makes the Golden Pillows one of the most breathable pillows, compared to the other alternatives available in the market.
  4. Higher Thread counts: A higher thread count means a more plushy and comfortable pillow. We deliver the pillows that have the highest thread counts, delivering the experience of luxury, and great comfort.

Product Specifications

Different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing a pillow. People tend to select the pillows depending on the position that they are habitual of.

Some people prefer to sleep on their backs, others like to sleep on the side, or some sleep on their stomachs, and there are ones who would sleep changing their gestures all night. To meet all these essential preferences, Golden International has brought you the best sleeping pillows that are made to meet all these objectives.
Here is a brief description of pillows:

We provide 4 types of pillows. These are differentiated on the basis of the filling material used within, these include:

  1. Fiber Pillow
  2. Memory Foam Pillow
  3. Down Feather Pillow
  4. Doctor Pillows

These are available in two sizes.:

  1. Standard size- 17 x 27cm.
  2. Large size – 20 x 34cm.

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  1. Secure payment options.
  2. Easy return and exchange policies.
  3. Meeting international quality standards.
  4. Exporting products to 80 plus countries.
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  6. High-quality products provided at the most competitive prices.
  7. 70+ years of industry expertise.
  8. North India’s largest home textiles manufacturer.


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Unparalleled Achievements to Our Credit

Renowned organization: We are North India’s large home furnishings store with an area of 15000sq.ft. Golden International Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Golden group with a yearly turnover of Rs.1500 crores.

Wide Product Range:  We manufacture 8 types of home furnishing items. These include carpets, blankets, accessories, upholstery, curtains, towels, bedsheets, wallpapers & other items. And these product categories are further classified into more than 80 product types.

Strong foothold: We have been manufacturing and supplying our diverse range of home textiles in more than 80 countries, across 5 continents for the past 70 years.

Strict Quality Control: We follow an effective quality control system. Each pillow passes through strict quality checks. We produce eight different styles of home furnishing items. CarpetsBlankets, accessories, UpholsteryCurtainsTowelsBedsheets, wallpapers, and other things are among the items on our list. These product groups are further subdivided into over 80 different product styles.

Our Work Ethos

Golden International Pvt. Ltd. has been in existence in the textile industry for the past 70 years. We have served the world’s biggest brands like Tommy Bahama, Gap, Bvlgari, Next, Calvin Klein, etc.

We manufacture more than 80 diverse home textiles products that are exported across 5 continents and 80 plus countries of the world.

Not only this, we are North India’s largest home furnishings retail showroom with an area of 15000 sq ft.

We are proud of delivering the finest quality products, and for being customer-centric. These are our wording ethos, we spend maximum hours researching and understanding our customer’s needs and preferences in the initial years of our business.

We believe the only way to succeed is to solve the problems of our customers and provide them with the best solution.
Our other products include comforters, bedsheets, carpets, bath towels, bedcovers, and much more! Explore the finishes of our products and elevate your growth probabilities.


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