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The Sheer Comfort of AC Blankets

These sheer AC Blankets introduced by Golden International are next to perfect to provide a warm comfort for a sound sleep. We offer you one of the purest and cosy AC Blankets which are impeccably pretty with a sober look. Thanks to its vibrant prints of eye-pleasing patterns that give a unique style to every bedding type. Additionally, the standout art which all our designs represent is like icing on the cake.

While delivering high-quality and innovative products, we also ensure to supply them at a budget-friendly price.

For any dealership inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us. Fill the form given below, type your queries and receive a call back from our humble team.

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Explore our unique Designer AC Blankets

For any dealership inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us. Fill the form given below, type your queries and receive a call back from our humble team.

Connect to us today and let us know your requirements

Product Specifications

  1. The beautiful AC Blanketswe offer come in a variety of enticing textures, intricate prints, and patterns with exquisite designs. These textures are made according to the latest market trends, customer preferences, and changing technological advancements.
  2. Their weight varies from 1kg to 3kg. Moreover, they come in two thickness parameters such as Single Ply and Double Ply.
  3. These blankets are available in two sizes : 60*90  and 90*100.
  4. All the blankets we sell are an excellent symbol of luxurious bedding.

Things That Distinguish Us From Others

  1. We are Golden International Pvt. Ltd. – a company with a firm determination to achieve global recognition.
  2. While expanding our business globally, we have established our offices in countries like the US, UK, and South Africa. For the past 70 years, we have expanded our product supply to more than 80 countries.
  3. We are passionately striving to deliver the best quality products to our customers, clients, dealers, and end-customers – who wish to make a bulk purchase.
  4. We are supplying the world’s biggest brands like US Polo, Tommy Bahama, Calvin Klein, Gap, Bvlgari, Next, etc. Also, we supply our products to brands like D’DECOR, SPACES, BOUTIQUE LIVING, PORTICO, BOMBAY DYEING. Simultaneously, we sell their products at our showroom too.
  5. Either its Bombay Dyeing ac blankets or any other brands  which we are selling, excellent quality checks is always what we ensure.
  6. Our yearly turnover is Rs.1500 crores, and we wish to take this to the highest levels in the coming years.
  7. With our expansion, we want to ensure the evolution and growth of the society. We endeavour to deliver values in our products that extend the societal living standards.

Some Good Things About Our AC Blankets:

  1. Comfortable: Thanks to the warmth they give, AC blankets add comfort and relaxation to your sleeping routine.
  2. Durable: These blankets do not require a lot of maintenance cost and are highly durable.
  3. Softness:  Owing to its sheer texture and infinite softness, these AC Blankets are impeccably cosy and smooth to drape. Undeniably, they are appealing to the skin and body.
  4. Beauty:Due to their beauty and intricate designs, these AC Blankets symbolizes unique artistry. All in all, we aim to create the most spectacular designs and patterns in our.

These are available in contrasting colours, textures, and incredible lustre, and are flawlessly appealing. Indeed, they are a suitable choice for upgrading the living style. 


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100% Pure Cotton

Long Lasting softness

Perfect Sizing

Stunning Designs

Extending Quality products & services infallibly!

Renowned organization: We are North India’s large home furnishings retail showroom with an area of 15000sq.ft. Golden International Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Golden group with a yearly turnover of Rs.1500 crores. 

Wide Product Range: We manufacture 8 types of home textiles. These include carpets, blankets, accessories, upholstery, curtains, towels, bedsheets, wallpapers & other items. And these product categories are further classified into more than 80 product types.

Strong foothold:We have been manufacturing and supplying our diverse range of home textiles in more than 80 countries, across 5 continents for the past 70 years.

Strict Quality Control: We follow an effective quality control system. Each cotton quilt passes through strict quality checks.

Our quality inspectors ensure that each product conforms to the international quality standards. From the production point to the delivery point, at each and specific stage, everything is done in a highly controlled and effective manner.

Join Our Hands

  1. Secure payment options.
  2. Easy return and exchange policies.
  3. Meeting international quality standards.
  4. Exporting products to 80 plus countries.
  5. Contactless product delivery.
  6. High-quality products provided at the most competitive prices.
  7. 70+ years of industry expertise.
  8. North India’s largest home textiles manufacturer.


Tell us your preferences or budget and we will help you with a variety of options that match your needs.

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