Body pillow covers come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors to suit your individual needs. They are useful for supporting the head while you sleep on your side and can be used in the daytime for added support when you sit. To make the most of your pillow covers you should be able to find the right one for the job. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right one.

Body Pillow Covers – How to Choose the Right One

You need to find a pillow that will cover your whole body without becoming too bulky. Best memory foam pillows are cool and breathable cotton materials that help to keep you cool and keep your sleeper warm. Memory foam, poly fiber and are all good options for full body pillow covers as they offer good coverage while still offering good support. If you have a large sleeper such as a tummy sleeper or a chest sleeper, you should look for a cover that covers the widest part of your sleeper.

Material Choices 

There is a wide range of materials available for body pillow covers and a few of the more common choices are silk, polyester, and cotton. Silk and polyester both offer good levels of luxury, but they are both expensive. Cotton is the cheapest option but if you suffer from allergies it is not always the best choice, as it can sometimes cause skin irritation. Machine washable memory foam pillows are very reasonably priced and are the perfect material choice for the office or the home.

Design and Style – Pick a design and style that appeals to you. Most back sleepers like to have their pillows made from 100% natural materials. You can find pillows suitable for all seasons so you don’t have to switch pillows every year as you move house. Some people also find it relaxing to have a matching pillow for each bedside. A good design and style will make your pillows a style statement.

Mattress Type – It helps to know the type of mattress you have. When selecting pillows for back sleepers, you may like to try a memory foam pillow or one with a latex foam core. A good-quality memory foam pillow will give a very comfortable and firm sleeping position. A latex pillow will offer some form of temperature control and can help relieve pressure points when positioned correctly. Latex is also becoming popular with allergy sufferers as it offers some pressure relief.

Height and Firmness – Pick a neck pillow that offers you two firmness levels. Ideally, you would want one firmness level to start with, and then you could adjust the other to your liking over time. If you find the first one is too soft, you may want to try the next one until you find one that meets your needs. Some people enjoy having one firmness level, to begin with, and then can tuck in the other as they feel more comfortable.

Another factor you need to consider when choosing your pillow cover is the thread count and density of the pillow cover. One firmness level may not be enough if you sleep on your back. You need pillow covers that are packed full of filling to give you an excellent support system. For instance, if you sleep on your stomach and want to have some sort of contour or shape to your back, you should look for a pillow cover that contains bamboo viscose. Although it can be somewhat stiff, it will provide support to the entire back and will allow for air to circulate under your body so that your skin doesn’t get too hot.

If you use a standard pillow for all of your sleeping requirements, then a pillow-size pillow cover will not be necessary. However, if you use a memory foam pillow, then it would be better to make sure you get a pillow cover with the right thickness and firmness. You can also order your pillow from any specialty pillow retailer to test for the ideal pillow size that you will need.